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9 July : Guru Dutt's birth anniversary.

Guru Dutt“Life mein, yaar, kya hai? Do hi toh cheezen hai – kamyaabi aur failure. There is nothing in between.” (”What's life about, friend? It's only about two things - success and failure. There is nothing in between.”) - Guru Dutt (On failure of Kaagaz Ke Phool and success of Chaudhvin Ka Chand)

Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone (b. 9 July 1925 - d. 10 October 1964), better known as Guru Dutt, was a film director, producer and actor.....


This one’s for the bird (stamp) !
(Story about 1975, 50 p. definitive stamp of India)

Story about 1975, 50 p. definitive stamp of IndiaOne of the problems of Indian Philately is that the “story” behind a postage stamp is quite opaque. The postal department does not oblige philatelists by reliable documentation and transparent procedures. I was writing an article on “Birds on Indian Stamps” for Aasheesh Pittie, editor of the Indian Birds and I found it difficult to find any information about bird stamps. I was constrained to publish the article, though I felt that I had inadequate information and could find no way of getting more. Those who missed reading the article and would like to peruse it may find it here.

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